Three reasons why I like Inktober

Every September, Illustrator Jake Parker posts a list of prompts, one for every day of the month of October. In 2009 Inktober was born and it gets more and more people joining in on the fun.  

I think Inktober is wonderful and here are three reasons why I like it so much!

1. It makes you draw every day

Since drawing is part of my work, I draw on an almost daily basis anyway, but Inktober motivates me to create something every day. It can be challenging to get one artwork done every single day. Don't feel overwhelmed though; it's perfectly fine if you don't get the chance to do all 31 prompts.  Even if you just do one or two, you should be proud. Be kind to yourself. And if you miss a day, don't give up!


2. You feel part of an artistic community

If you browse through the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2018, you are going to see that A LOT of people are participating, from beginners to professional artists. And when you use these hashtags yourself, many people will take a look at your work too. It can boost your followers on social media and, maybe even more important, it can lead to interesting new connections.  You might discover your new favorite artist!


3. You learn to use a new medium

I don't usually draw with ink. I prefer digital media and when I draw traditionally, I mostly use pencils. Things that you can 'ctrl + z' and erase when something went wrong. So ink is a challenge for me. It's permanent and unforgiving. And it's good to take on challenges from time to time. They can give you new inspiration and motivation. You don't have to use only (Micron) pens, you can use ink washes (a bit like using water color), ballpoints and gelly roller pens for example. Also, you don't have to use only white paper, there are so many other options, like grey, black or brown paper, paper cups, that boring white wall in your house or any other surface that holds ink! 

So, are you going to do Inktober this year? If so: have fun! 

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