Things I learned during the first week of Inktober

The first week of Inktober has come and gone! How are you doing? 

I'm glad I've been able to keep up so far and I think I've already learned some new things. Nothing big, but it's something! 


1. It's fun to experiment!

I've tried new techniques. Some of them didn't work out, some I'm definitely going to try again! For example: I've used ink wash for the first time. It is going to take time to really get to know this new medium, but I liked it. 


2. It helps to work ahead

Some days I'm more creative than other days. I tried to take advantage of my best days and do a bit more than one artwork when I got a nice creative flow going. I sketch my ideas for the next day (or days) too. I am still inking every day, but it takes away a bit of the stress and pressure if I already know what I'm going to do tomorrow. 

3. I'm my own worst critic

I was really looking forward to Inktober this year. So much so, that my perfectionism sometimes makes it hard for me to enjoy it. I want every piece I make to be perfect. And it's hard to accept that you can't make something you're 100% happy about every day of the month. Sometimes you just have an off day, and I have to learn that that is ok!

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