Art · 13. December 2019
I'm happy to share with you my first recorded speed painting.

Art · 27. November 2019
I went to the Dutch Comic Convention last weekend and it was fun! As usual I made some fan art to get autographed and the guests did not disappoint.

Personal · 12. November 2019
I always wanted a room in my house where I could work with traditional media, but now I actually have it! Welcome to my new studio!

Art · 09. May 2019
I went to a Supernatural convention this weekend to see my 'SPN Family' again. The highlight of my weekend was getting my fan art autographed by the guests (David Alpay, David Haydn-Jones, Sebastian Roché, Alexander Calvert, Richard Speight Jr, Ruth Connell and Rob Benedict). Their reactions were wonderful! I'll share them here with you.

Art · 24. February 2019
I went to the LUX convention in Brighton and it was awesome! I will share a little bit about what happened at the Lucifer convention.

Art · 03. December 2018
I'll share with you 3 reasons why I think fanart is awesome!

Art · 12. November 2018
On Thursday November 15 there will be an awesome online art auction!

Art · 05. November 2018
Inktober is over! I share with you my favorite pieces and what I've learned from them.

Art · 11. October 2018
The first week of Inktober has gone by. How are you doing? This is what I've learned so far.

Art · 18. September 2018
I've never been a big fan of autumn, but I am looking forward to October. Cause that means it's time for INKTOBER! Here are three reasons why I like Inktober so much. Maybe you will join too?

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