My five favorite fan artworks of 2020
23. December 2020
At the end of 2020 I would like to share with you my favorite fan art of this year. This is the fan art that made me happy and - hopefully - made some other people smile too.

09. February 2020
I mostly make digital art. It's my favourite medium. It's less expensive (once you have a drawing tablet), easy to experiment with and the 'undo' button is always within reach. But lately I've been enjoying some traditional painting as well. Here's what I've learned so far.

27. November 2019
I went to the Dutch Comic Convention last weekend and it was fun! As usual I made some fan art to get autographed and the guests did not disappoint.

12. November 2019
I always wanted a room in my house where I could work with traditional media, but now I actually have it! Welcome to my new studio!

09. May 2019
I went to a Supernatural convention this weekend to see my 'SPN Family' again. The highlight of my weekend was getting my fan art autographed by the guests (David Alpay, David Haydn-Jones, Sebastian Roché, Alexander Calvert, Richard Speight Jr, Ruth Connell and Rob Benedict). Their reactions were wonderful! I'll share them here with you.

24. February 2019
I went to the LUX convention in Brighton and it was awesome! I will share a little bit about what happened at the Lucifer convention.

03. December 2018
I'll share with you 3 reasons why I think fanart is awesome!

12. November 2018
On Thursday November 15 there will be an awesome online art auction!

05. November 2018
Inktober is over! I share with you my favorite pieces and what I've learned from them.

11. October 2018
The first week of Inktober has gone by. How are you doing? This is what I've learned so far.

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