Price list commissions

Looking for a personal gift? Want to have a cool portrait of yourself or a loved one? Want your cat to look like a superhero? I would love to make something original just for you! I understand that you would like to know what an original artwork is going to cost. Look below for an estimate. Also, feel free to reach out to me and we'll discuss your wishes and I will quote you a price. Of course there's no obligation to commit when you ask me for a price. 

Pet portrait

I can make your dog  look like a president, draw your cat crushing Tokyo like Godzilla, or paint your goldfish wearing a flower crown. Anything your mind can think of! It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you want me to draw: horses, cats, dogs, your favorite goldfish, lizards etc.
It's all possible,  starting from  $65 (for a line art drawing comparable to the painting  above this column) for a single pet.  Do you want a detailed background or add more pets? That's possible too, for an additional fee. Please contact me for more information. 


I can make your father look like a president, draw your aunt dancing in the forest, wearing a flower crown. Almost anything your mind can think of! (no nudity).  Price starting from $100 for a face portrait (from the neck up) and  $150 for a single person from the waist up, with a simple background.

Do you want a painting of more than one person? A detailed background? That's possible too, for an additional fee. Please feel free to contact me for more information. 

Portrait with pet

I can draw you as your favorite super hero and your pet as your cool side-kick. I absolutely love to draw people with their pets! Price starting from $200 for a portrait of 1 person and 1 pet together (person from the waist up, comparable to the picture above). If you want more than one person or more than one pet, that's possible too (for an additional fee). Please contact me for more information! 

**IMPORTANT: This is a digital product, no physical print will be provided: you will get one high resolution (300 dpi) JPG file. I will send you the digital file via email or Wetransfer (depending on size), so you can print it yourself or get it printed at your local printing shop (on paper, canvas, shirts, mugs whatever you want). **

This artwork is for personal use only: not marketing material or business branding. You may duplicate images for personal use (like for gifts and personal items). Don’t sell reprints of my work.
Feel free to post your drawing online and share it with the world. A link to my website would be highly appreciated, if possible.


For business commissions, please convo or email me.
I retain the rights to all commissioned images unless the copyright is purchased.