My weekend with the Supernatural family

This weekend I went to a Supernatural convention in Germany. The highlight of my weekend was getting my fan art autographed by the guests. I also loved seeing the familiar faces of other Supernatural fans, who I've met through social media or at conventions in the past. 


I didn't get a lot of sleep the weeks before the convention, because I had to finish seven portraits (and I'm quite the perfectionist). I'm really into realistic surrealism lately, so a lot of the portraits were influenced by artists like Magritte. It took some research and interpretation of the characters they portrayed in the series before I actually started the painting process. And of course, the painting itself was quite time-consuming too. Luckily, I got them all ready on time! 


I printed them on one of my favorite paper brands (Hahnemühle German Etching paper), which is very firm and it has a nice texture. I also made copies for the guests. 


It was a wonderful weekend with panels, photo ops, meeting other fans and short nights. And of course, the autograph session. I was both excited and a little bit anxious. What would their reactions be?

It was not my first autograph session, and my work got lots of different reactions in the past, from positively overwhelming, till a guest not reacting (or looking up) at all.


I think this was my favorite autograph session ever. I got so many wonderful reactions, I was a bit emotional afterward. Some of the guests knew my name, gave me hugs and kisses, wanted to see my other work, shared their artwork with the guest sitting next to them or even texted their painting to their partner.


Since I don't get a lot of feedback in real life, it was really amazing to see people react to my work.  



I was so incredibly happy to see my work got some social media response too! I'm so thankful for all of the reactions and I feel so motivated to get back to working on new art!


autographed supernatural fan art, David Alpay, David Haydn-Jones, Sebastian Roché, Alexander Calvert, Richard Speight Jr, Ruth Connell, Rob Benedict
My fan art autographed by the guests of the Supernatural convention

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